How to train for a 3-timer medal

If you’re planning to participate in three GFNY races in a season to get your 3-timr medal, it’s important to schedule a training plan that will help you prepare for each race and ensure that you’re in top condition for each one. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to schedule a training plan across a season with three races.

1. Choose Your GFNYs
The first step in creating a training plan is to choose the three races that you want to participate in. Make sure that they’re spread out evenly across the season to give you enough time to train and recover between races. Consider the distance, terrain, and weather conditions of each race, as they will impact your training plan.
2. Determine Your Base Fitness
Before you start training, it’s important to determine your base fitness level. This will help you to gauge your starting point and create a realistic training plan. You can do this by doing a fitness test or consulting with a GFNY coach.
3. Plan Your Training Phases
To prepare for three GFNY races in a season, you’ll need to plan your training phases accordingly. Typically, a training plan is divided into three phases: base, build, and peak. During the base phase, you’ll focus on building your endurance and developing a strong foundation. During the build phase, you’ll increase your intensity and focus on speed and power. Finally, during the peak phase, you’ll taper your training to ensure that you’re fresh and ready for race day.
4. Allocate Your Training Time
Once you’ve planned your training phases, it’s time to allocate your training time. This will depend on your schedule, fitness level, and goals. Aim to train four to six days a week, with each session lasting between one and four hours. Make sure to include a mix of endurance, strength, and speed training.
5. Schedule Your Recovery Time
Recovery is just as important as training, so make sure to schedule it into your plan. Allow yourself at least one rest day per week, and schedule recovery rides and active rest days to help your body recover from your training sessions.

In conclusion, scheduling a training plan across a season with three GFNY races requires careful planning and consideration. By choosing your races, determining your base fitness, planning your training phases, allocating your training time, and scheduling your recovery time, you’ll be well-prepared for each race and be able to perform at your best. The better you plan and execute, the more rewarding your GFNY year will be.